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Blogger Spotlight: Meet Rochelle, The Blogger Behind Beauticurve


When we began our Blogger Spotlight series, our Creative Director Jodi Arnold insisted that we get to know Rochelle from Beauticurve. She loved her unique, elevated sense of style and we totally fell in full swoon with her outfit photos. Get to know the California native turned Arkansas style star in our interview below!

ELOQUII: Tell us about your blog, beauticurve.

Rochelle: I officially launched my blog beauticurve in January 2013. The blog is aimed at everyday women (sizes 14 and up) and features my personal style diary while offering shopping and style advice. I pride myself in being a curvy young lady who embraces my figure and loves fashion for all sizes. 

It all really started with a few OOTD (outfit of the day) post to my Instagram page. My page started growing all of the sudden and people wanted information about what I was wearing. The whole process was really organic and unexpected. After much encouragement from strangers, friends, my husband and a growing Instagram audience, I launched the site.

E: What’s been your favorite style moment thus far? 

R: I’m a girl that explores plenty of different looks and styles. I think my all-time favorite style moment was an outfit consisting of a black quilted full midi skirt / white button down crop top and an over-sized chandelier necklace. I just felt like the chic lady I always want to look like.

E: Let’s talk summer style! What are you most looking forward to wearing?   

R: Of course the crop top. I’m also really into summer hats right now. I recently did a post on my blog featuring my vacation style. That outfit captured all of my summer must haves in one look: Straw Fedora, Pompom Bracelets, Colorful Palazzo Pants, and White Crop Top.

E: What ELOQUII pieces are on your wish list & why?

R: My wish list includes but is definitely not limited to ..the Lace Crop Top. I think that it is totally me. Edgy and classy at the same time. Funners. 

E: What’s one item you regret purchasing?

R: Well besides my Juicy Couture collection – remnants of which sold on Ebay recently. To be honest there’s not much that I regret purchasing. I even enjoyed my Juicy stuff pre my 25th birthday.  Shopping is therapeutic so even if I didn’t wear it, it probably made me feel better when I bought it. That makes it worth it, right?

E: Blogger/vlogger shoutout – who do you love to read/watch & why?

R: I love GabiFresh, she was really the first blogger that I stalked religiously. I totally feel like I know her. She is a pioneer in the plus size blogging world and continues to give great style and be innovative.  Along the way I’ve bookmarked a few more style bloggers. Some would be surprised to know I gain a lot of inspiration from straight size bloggers as well. Non-curvy Devon Rachel really relates to the Cali girl in me.  Her beach waves and classic style with a bohemian flare is everything. Krysten Lee (noncurvy) is so uptown and fab. Chastity Garner is another plus size style blogger I have come to love. Her looks are timeless and consistent. I mainly view Vlogs for my beauty regimins/looks. I frequent Nitraab and Nicole Guerriero on YouTube. I also live for Refinery29 articles.

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Rochelle! 

It’s the time of year when the heat rises from the pavement, melting everything including your makeup. But life rolls on, work days feel endless, and brunches are scheduled, so you’re going to need options. You shouldn’t Blister In The Sun, and neither should your wardrobe. 

Introducing our Violet Femmes collection, with cool lavenders and pinks blended with ultra transitional graphic prints. The edgy watercolor floral prints are our favorite! 

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The new crop (ha, get it?) of crop tops is anything but boring. From abbreviated hemlines to boxy silhouettes, tees, and bralette tops, we’ve got every style crop top your closet could hold. We’ve seen a few comments on Facebook and realize that some of you think that you can’t pull this look off, but have no fear. We asked our Creative Director Jodi Arnold for three tips on how to pull of this season’s hottest look. 

1: Pair it with a high waisted skirt.

For crop tops, proportion is key. It may take you a few tries to find the right skirt/top combo, but once you find the first pairing, you’ll see your closet in a whole new light. We’ve seen a lot of ladies pairing our Citron Midi Skirt with our striped Scoop Back Crop Tee, because the slim shape of the tee is a the perfect contrast for the volume of the Midi. If you have a pencil skirt that you love to wear a little higher, go for a boxier style, like the Roses & Stripes Crop Top

2: They’re not all created equal.

Hear the words “crop top” and think you’ll be flashing your belly button at everyone who sees you? Not necessarily. Styles like our Soft Chambray Sleeveless Crop Top & Sequin Stripe Tank have an abbreviated hemline, meaning they’re cut a bit shorter in the midsection, but not too short. 

3: Try the look first with a tied up button down. 

Still feeling hesitant? Try a button down shirt (like our Soft Chambray Top) tied at a cropped length where you feel comfortable. Pair the look with a full skirt or over a slip dress just to mix things up.

Have you mastered the crop top? Send us your expert tips to social@ELOQUII.com, and we’ll publish them here on the blog. And don’t forget, if you’re cropping like it’s hot, upload a photo on Instagram tagged with #XOQ!

If you aren’t reading Curvy Girl Chic, stop what you’re doing (seriously, right now) and get to know Allison Teng’s unique style. She effortlessly blends that California cool with a dash of sweetness and a bit of edge. It all comes together beautifully on her blog, so it’s no wonder that People StyleWatch tapped her to contribute online. We caught up with her during Full Figured Fashion Week, chatted about all things style, and then turned her loose on the sample racks. She’s picked out her favorites for you to shop, plus get to know her better in this fun Q&A!

ELOQUII: Did you always know that you wanted to share photos of your outfits? What gave you the confidence to put yourself out there in such a personal way?

Allison: Definitely not! I’ve always been relatively shy and a pretty quiet person, but I guess when I started my blog, I did so expecting nobody to read it. After all, the internet is a huge place—how would people find me? Still, when people started reading and commenting, I got to find other like-minded people sharing their POV and style, and it was just really fun to be part of that conversation!

E: How has your style evolved since you started Curvy Girl Chic?

A: It’s definitely gotten a little more grown-up, and a little more daring! Considering I’d just graduated from college when I started my blog, I was still discovering my style and what I like to wear most. Nowadays, I still love to play with trends and try new styles, but I know the looks that make me feel the most “me”!

E: What’s the most common question your readers ask you? 

A: Hmmm…this is a tough one, but the most common question I receive is how to be more confident. This is always a hard one for me, because I feel like your confidence is so dependent on your environment—the kind of people you surround yourself with, what media you take in, and what you choose to believe and allow to influence you. My recommendation is always to start reading more body positive blogs and social media outlets, plus size fashion blogs, and to start tuning out negative influences. Whether it’s a friend that’s constantly putting you down, or the news article that states anyone above a size 4 is unhealthy, it’s got to go!

E: What are your top 3 favorite pieces on the site right now?

A: Only 3?! I’m dying over the new arrivals but my favorites have to the the Rose and Stripes Crop Top, the pink Pique Midi Skirt, and the Studded Ponte Pencil Skirt.

E: Looking ahead - what are you most looking forward to from fall fashion?

A: Statement outerwear! GIVE ME ALL THE COATS.

And now for the style lightning round! 

Stripes or florals?


Favorite neutral?

Does navy count?

Mascara or lipstick?


Maxi, midi or mini?


Skinny, boyfriend, or trouser jeans?


Bows or peplum?


Flats or heels?


Necklace or earrings?


Black or white?


Uptown or downtown?

Uptown on the weekday, downtown on the weekends!


Thanks so much for sharing your style with us, Allison! If you’re looking to shop her picks, you can still use code CHIC for 40% off orders of $100+. From one shopaholic to another, happy shopping!

You know those impossibly chic women that you pass in the street? We’ve all been there - you try not to stare, but as you attempt to memorize every detail of her outfit, you simultaneously begin flipping through your entire wardrobe in your head. We took our newest arrivals to the streets in an attempt to make these fashion fantasies a reality. Street chic, if you will. 

Our bow back details, black lace, cropped tees, and full midi skirts have all come from those serendipitous encounters, been transformed into inspiration, and reimagined especially for you. We want you to star in your own street chic moment, and with code CHIC taking 40% off purchases of $100 or more, plus free shipping on orders of $150+ we’ve made it a lot easier. Now go turn some heads!

Is there anything better than dreaming of a life in pink? We don’t think so, which is why our latest collection is called La Vie En Rose. Inspired by the rosiest of hues, as well as Edith Piaf’s signature hit, we can’t stop envisioning ourselves enjoying picturesque moments outdoors, like an Instagram photo come to life.

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Full Figured Fashion Week has always been one of our favorite times of year. Plus size fashion lovers and bloggers from across the world visit New York to attend events, meet one another, and do some major shopping. Since this was the first FFFW since our relaunch, we knew that we wanted to participate in a big way, but we didn’t anticipate that 2014 would be the final year for the event. 

Excited to soak up every moment, we kicked the week off by participating in a panel discussion hosted by Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista, along with fellow panelists Nicolette Mason and Madeline Jones of Plus Model Magazine. We chatted about the impact of social media on the plus size fashion community and how your support helped to bring ELOQUII back. It was so wonderful to meet so many of you after the panel!

We spent the next day in the studio with the lovely Allison of Curvy Girl Chic. Our lips are sealed for the moment on details, but head on over to her Instagram for a sneak peek of all the fun we had.

We couldn’t let the week close without a bang, so we invited models, bloggers, editors, customers, and friends to The London Hotel penthouse for a trunk show. We previewed upcoming collections, had a cocktail (or two), manicures courtesy of ManiCube, a glimpse into our future with a tarot card reading, and selfies in motion with Phhhoto. The gallery of GIFs from our Phhhotobooth will give you mega event FOMO. We’ve shared all of the photos from the evening on our Facebook page. Come say hi! 

A huge thank you to everyone who was able to join us. We had so much fun meeting you and can’t wait until the next time we’re able to get together. If you couldn’t join us, at least you can save $25 off every $75 you spend with code JUNE75 at checkout. Until next time! 

Urban Escape - The Playlist

We took you along on our Urban Escape daydream, but the truth is that we don’t get away as often as we’d like, so sometimes we need to drift away on our daily commute. We’ve put together some of our favorite current tunes to create our own Urban Escape in our headphones. Click the play button & lounge on the beach in your mind! 

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$1,000 shopping sprees are high on our list of favorite things, along with days at the beach, dinner with friends, macarons, and puppies. Because we like to share, we’ve partnered with OK! Magazine to give one lucky winner all of the fashion their closet will hold (and then some). Head on over to OK! to enter to win, and when you’re ready for a major style upgrade, we’ll be right here to help you put it all together. Pretty sweet, right? 

Sure, we all dream of jetting away somewhere fabulous. In most cases, any beach will do, but sometimes we just can’t find the time. Inspired by weekends spent in unexplored parts of New York City, we took model Marelle White into the industrial streets of East Williamsburg. The beautiful graffiti murals were the perfect backdrop for the pieces of our Urban Escape collection, largely inspired by Creative Director Jodi Arnold’s recent trip to Tulum. 

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